BMI and Verizon Business APAC: a Snapshot of Success

Verizon Business is a leading provider of global IT, security, and communication solutions with one of the world's most connected IP networks.

In 2008, BMI was approached by Verizon Business APAC to assist with transforming their bid management function.

High Level Transformation Summary

  • 10 Verizon Business APAC Bid Management resources are situated in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Australia.
  • After Due Diligence and Discovery, BMI worked with Verizon to develop a transformation plan with the objective of improving their win rate. The focus was on the quality of proposals.
  • The plan included the customisation of BMI's COTS bid management process and method, change management activities, user briefings and targeted capability building of both Bid Managers and Solution Architects.

And we have delivered a massive Return on Investment: $136,000,000 worth of wins with a Cost to Revenue of .15% (that’s a multiplier of 663)

Win rate prior to BMI engagement: 18%

Win rate using BMI method and trained internal Verizon resources 83%