Solutions that Lift Your Win Rate

We measure Proposal Quality and Proposal Development on a number of continuums. Our scope is proposals that are in response to a formal approach to market where documents are provided to bidders and responses subjected to a formal evaluation process. For unsolicited proposals we think Shipley is your best bet. You can contact them here.

To learn more about our methodology and approach you can download the guide here.

We have three key Service offerings:

Bid Metrics Project

The Bid Bureau service provides a real-time evaluation of Proposal quality against BMI’s Proposal Milestones. Specialist industry evaluators will assess your proposal at various points of Bid Elapsed Time, score you against the BMI Bid Scorecard and provide recommendations for improvement. The service also reports compliance against Technical and Legal Requirements and Resourcing if you choose to have this in scope. All information is fed live to our web portal where you can access status real time through a secure log in. You will have access to actionable insights into proposal quality in time to impact the outcome.

Bid Metrics Enterprise

We  will provide you with an independent, third party view of your proposal quality. To do this we will need access to past proposals, corresponding purchaser documents and information about your team. It’s as simple as that. And in turn you will receive a detailed report including all the metrics provided below. Most importantly, we will provide recommendations on how to change your current reality. And these recommendations do not rely on external consultants for implementation. They are actions for your organisation to undertake to enable better proposal quality.

Over  time, organisations who use the Bid Metrics Live service have access to historical information that sheds light onto their capability in producing quality proposals. This clarity provides actionable insights into proposal capability. These include: Average Score per Subject Matter Area – By Country, By Region; Subject Matter Leader board - By Country, By Region; Average Score per Subject Matter Expert - By Country, By Region; Subject Matter Expert Leader board - By Country, By Region.