Complimentary Trial

Bid Bureau Complimentary Trial

One of the challenges of businesses everywhere is communicating their value proposition to the market. BMI has been in business for over 2 decades and in that time we have never advertised out services and we have never lost a client. It may be years between contact but we always reconnect. But we struggle to articulate our value proposition.

In reflecting on this situation we determined that the point when our clients 'get' us is when we deliver services to them. So, we have decided to offer a complimentary trial of our Bid Bureau service to qualified prospects.

You can read more about our solution here: Bid Bureau. At the Bid Bureau, our highly experienced evaluators act as the eyes and ears of your buyer. They review your responses prior to submission and provide you feedback to assist you to win. Thy act as a virtual Proposal Coach - giving you a perspective guaranteed to give you new insights into how to write a wining proposal.

How Will the Complimentary Trial Work?

Contact us below and we can talk through your needs. If we can add value we will then agree on a target bid and timeframe. When the Approach to Market (EOI, RFT, RFP etc) documents are released you will send them to us for analysis. We will then agree a date and time for the evaluation to take place.

The project will be set up on our Bid Metrics platform and you and your team will be able to log in and access feedback. The Bid Team will also have access to the Bid Metrics dashboard which displays all the high level data for proposal health.

Interested? Contact us by hitting the yellow Complimentary Trial button in the banner above.